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Subaru Oil & Filter Change Service in Jacksonville, FL, Near St. Johns & Palatka

Utilize genuine Subaru oil and filter change service at Hanania Subaru of Orange Park in Jacksonville, FL ‐ close to St. Johns, St. Augustine, Middleburg, Palatka, Green Cove Springs, and Macclenny ‐ so your engine can run at its very best. At the heart of your Subaru is a powerful and unique SUBARU BOXER® engine. It's made up of many different moving metal parts and to keep it performing beautifully, you should regularly treat it to new oil and filters. At our Service Center, we always use genuine Subaru oil so your engine can operate in peak condition, as it is the only oil that's specifically designed for the distinct lubrication requirements of the SUBARU BOXER® engine.

Why is genuine Subaru oil better for your engine?

  • Unlike most leading aftermarket brands, it is specially manufactured to clean and protect the exclusive internal structure of your engine1
  • It's equipped with the unique additives, detergents, and modifiers required by the SUBARU BOXER® engine
  • It minimizes wear while maximizing your engine lifespan and fuel economy
  • Every batch created must pass comprehensive testing for consistency and quality before it can be sold

Without oil, your engine can face serious and expensive consequences. It needs fresh oil to lubricate the moving components so they can operate seamlessly, while new filters will block unwanted particles from clogging the system and allow the oil to flow as it needs to. Book your next Subaru oil and filter change service online or call us today!

1 Based on a 2017 independent study conducted by Idemitsu Lubricants America comparing engine protection results between 0W-20 Genuine Subaru Oil and leading aftermarket 0W-20 synthetic oil brands.

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