Windshield Chip Repair Is an Affordable Alternative to Windshield Replacement

Damaged windshields can lead to costly repair jobs. If your windshield has sustained mild to moderate damage, however, it may be possible to fix it with a windshield chip repair treatment.

This windshield repair technology uses liquid resin to strengthen the broken glass. When the resin hardens, it bonds to the surface of the windshield, forcing out the air that makes broken windshields so dangerous. After windshield chip repair, the damage to the windshield may be nearly imperceptible. For windshields that have sustained more substantial damage, however, the repaired glass may still bear a blemish or scar.

When cracked windshields aren't repaired, they continue to weaken over time, which can prove hazardous in the long run. If you think your windshield may be eligible for a windshield chip repair treatment, head to Subaru of Orange Park for a consultation. Our experienced team can help you select the right fix for your vehicle.


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