Many vehicles come standard with roof racks. There are a few tips that make the accessory more useful. If desiring to add any accessory to your vehicle, or in the event the vehicle needs maintenance, consult with one of our Subaru of Orange Park technicians for quality service.

The cargo must fit within the cross and sidebars of the roof rack. The size of the cargo is not as much of an issue if the racks do not include cross members. But, make sure that the baggage does not hang over the sides, front or rear of the vehicle. For safety, consider putting the empty bag or box on the roof first before adding the contents.

Only put durable and weatherproof items on the roof. Secure the load using two cables on the sides and two running front and back to ensure no shifting or loss when traveling at high speeds. Consider the weight limit. Roof racks may have a higher limit than the roof allows.


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