What Does Car Wax Do?

You know what car wax does, but do you know what it is? Not many drivers worry about the composition of car wax. As long as the product delivers a brilliant shine to their vehicle, they are happy. Learning a little more about car wax, however, could lead to making a better consumer decision. And you do want the best wax.

Car wax, like any other wax, refers to a hydrocarbon hardened at room temperature. The sources of the hydrocarbon vary. One brand may come from plants while another could come from coal. How does a hardened wax spread? It can't, but solvents added to the wax make things more malleable.

Besides helping a vehicle look nice, wax provides beneficial protection to a car's exterior. Wax delivers a layer of protection against UV rays, which keeps the exterior from fading.

Caring for your car involves requesting regular service. Set up an appointment with our service department at Subaru of Orange Park to do so.



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