Picture this: you scramble out the door, already late for work in Jacksonville, when you hop into your car, turn the key, and nothing happens. This bad-to-worse situation can be avoided by regularly testing your car's battery. To complete the test correctly, follow this procedure, provided by your friends at Subaru of Orange Park.

A voltmeter is the best and really the only way to test your car's battery, so you'll want to buy one for yourself or borrow one from a friend. Next, turn your car's ignition to "off" and turn off any lights that don't turn off automatically. After that, you'll want to carefully attach the voltmeter's positive test lead, which should be red, to the positive terminal on the battery, which should be marked with a plus (+). Do the same for the negative connections. You will quickly receive a reading that will tell you the health of your battery. Anything above 12.4 volts is an indication of a good battery.

If your voltmeter indicates an issue with your battery, you'll want to stop by our service center as soon as possible to have your battery replaced.



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