Automotive Jump Start Strategies During Time-Sensitive Situations

During time-sensitive situations, a drained battery can delay the process of driving to an important destination. If you don't know how to jump start a battery when its out of juice, these strategies can provide benefits whenever your battery needs power.

In order to jump start a car, you'll need access to another battery that isn't drained. If a charged battery is under another vehicle's hood, someone must position its hood next to the car that has a battery problem. At this point, prop up the hood, and place the support stick underneath it hood's housing. Next, grab a pair of jumper cables, and connect the pieces to their proper color-coded ports. Then, crack the engine in the car that has a charged battery. The engine should run for about a minute so that energy can travel through the cable line. Finally, hop into the other vehicle, and start the engine.

Whenever a battery has a performance problem, it must be serviced. If you visit Subaru of Orange Park during these situations, you'll have opportunities to service your car's battery.



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