Life Lessons From a 5 Year Old Subaru Driver

Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? That's kind of an oxymoron, but you get what we mean. We have a lot of responsibilities and people to attend to, and we don't always do everything with a smile. Case-in-point, this five year old Subaru driver. Man, he's having a bad day.

We feel for you, five-year-old-who-should-not-be-behind-the-wheel-of-a-car, it really looks like everything that could go wrong did. We've all had days like those. But hey, at least you were driving a Subaru Legacy and getting 36 mpg highway. Being that small, because need we remind you - you're five, you probably took advantage of the adjustable driver's seat with its 2-position memory. That day it was raining, we bet you heated it, too, and left your power moonroof closed.

Since you're five and don't know how to get back to Dad's work for the six o'clock pickup, you probably used the voice-activated GPS navigation system on your 7-inch high resolution touch-screen, and while you were distracted playing with this, the rear-vision camera and EyeSight® kept you out of harm's way.

Way to go, kid. You had a bad day, but at least you were in a Subaru. At Subaru of Orange Park, we want to help you make your bad days a little better. Visit us and let a test drive turn your day around.

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