Subaru Advertising- Keyword: Puppies

The most brilliant marketing strategies may be top secret. But Subaru has nothing to hide. In fact, Subaru of America, Inc., has taken the most basic idea and have since had the best month EVER in sales. The secret weapon? Puppies. Obviously.

You've seen it, the Subaru commercials with cars full of dogs. There's something about animals impersonating humans that could make even a real Scrooge stop and smile.

Cute, right? It works. It really does. Subaru of America, Inc., reported they sold a total of 45,714 vehicles in the month of July, breaking its own March record by a 27 percent jump.

The most popular models sold have been the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Crosstrek. While the puppies may have helped, because let's face it, puppies make everything better, the Subaru Forester could definitely get by on its own with its crossover SUV design and trusted turbocharged power for its excellent handling in less than ideal weather and difficult terrain.

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