2013 Subaru BRZ is the Perfect Ride for Your Weekend Getaway

Let's face it. The 2013 Subaru BRZ doesn't seem like it would prove particularly comfortable on road trips. After all, it's a sports coupe with a short wheelbase and a low ride height. (Although, who can deny that it's incredibly sleek?) The fact is, however, spending several hours on the road in the BRZ, according to the auto guys at Cars.com, is actually a rather pleasant experience.

Cars.com editor Bill Jackson, who spent about eight hours riding in the vehicle boasts, "I think the seats went a long way toward keeping me comfortable. I don't like seats that are too soft, and, ideally, I like a heavily bolstered seat that supports a lot of my body," while Cars.com editor Joe Bruzek praises its versatility. He states, "All the trips I've taken the BRZ on were multiple-day stays where I brought food, a cooler, luggage, slow cooker, folding chairs and more. When the trunk alone wasn't enough, the folding rear seat allowed excess luggage to spill into the passenger compartment."1

Of course, the fact that the BRZ is a blast to drive also helps keep drivers engaged on long drips. It's high-strung on the highway and its athletic personality really keeps things interesting. The deal is further sweetened by the fact it achieves 30 mpg on these long stretches of road.

So, what are you waiting for, reader? The new Subaru BRZ is all you think it is-and more. From style and comfort to sportiness and fuel-efficiency, it has all your favorite qualities on-lock. Drop by Subaru of Orange Park, located in Jacksonville, FL, today, and take it for a spin!

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